Your Trust Bank Account is reconciled, but does that balance match your trust listing? What about the negative trust ledger balances?

Accounting and bookkeeping are a sore topic for lawyers. They’re time consuming tasks, especially for people who aren’t accountants by trade. QueryPoint provides a comprehensive range of specialist accounting, audit, compliance, tax and business advisory services to help our clients.

We have been working with small to large firms in every facet of financial management since the last 41 years. Our expertise covers the full accounting cycle from data entry to preparation of financial statements. Our expertise really stands out from other accountants is our experience in advising clients on tax planning, cash flow management, audit preparation and presence to face the law society and the CRA/IRS. Our clients are our best advertising when they give you referrals on how their firm has always cleared spot audits with flying colours.

Payroll Services

Payroll is a complicated process and involves many factors before a cheque is made out for the pay-period.

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We cover services from setup of the initial set of startup books, of a new practice. This can be done by us on any law firm software aptly chosen by the client after being advised by us. We have implemented accounting setups on PCLaw, ProLaw, Clio, Abacus and Quickbooks.

Our forte is being hired by a law firm just after receiving notice of an impending Law Society audit, to clean up a really messy set of books. We have a testimonial filled reputation of brining a disastrous set of books or no books, to a fully compliant set of books, bringing about a clean Law Society Audit report.

Our Accounting Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review and verification of Internal Control Procedures.
  • Setting up proper and compliant internal control procedures.
  • Accounts Payable and Disbursement Accounting.
  • Trust Billing.
  • Legal Aid Billing.
  • Month-End Trust and General Reconciliations.
  • Trust Listing reconciliations.
  • Employee Payroll.
  • HST/GST Filing.
  • Month-End Financial Statements.
  • Year-End Financial Statements.
  • Law Society Annual Report Reconciliation and support.
  • T4 filings.
  • Temporary employee replacement.
  • Controllership Support and Temporary replacement.