Cannot find the files when you want them?

It is imperative as a lawyer and a law firm that all documents are maintained according to legislation and requirements of the Law Society and relevant legislative agencies. QueryPoint’s file management services ensure risk mitigation and compliance with legislative and law society regulations.

Law firms in particular are confronted with enormous requirements in the area of managing, storing and distributing documents and files. QueryPoint offer a complete range of facilities management and office support services including a trusted solution for document and record management. Many businesses waste valuable time and money on non-productive tasks, such as searching for misfiled records or worrying about the quality of their data security mechanisms.

Email Backup and Email Archiving

Email archiving allows you to search, report and export massive volumes of archived email data, with no retention limitations, versus backups that simply store email system and/or file information according to a set retention period.

There are several types of records including intrinsically valuable records, other paper records, and electronic records. Paper records include correspondence, pleadings, notes, memoranda, checks and other financial materials such as tax returns, bank statements, financial statements, expense records, inventories; and telephone messages, emails, exhibits, case printouts, research materials, etc. .Electronic records include computer files and other materials stored on portable media such as hard disks, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives and email and messaging.

QueryPoint services begin from when of a client file begins with the formation of a record created on behalf of a client or the receipt of a document relating to the representation and ends with the delivery of the file to the client or its destruction by the lawyer. Our services are based on best practices of the industry and Law Society requirements.

We manage every phase of the paper-flow process throughout the entire lifecycle of a pending matter. Our process includes and not limited to:

  • Formulating policies and procedures.
  • Implements records management and records retention policies and procedures; ensures compliance with legal standards.
  • File and Document Tracking with Barcode/RFID.
  • File Closing policies , implementation and monitoring.
  • File Retention.
  • File Archiving.

Physical File and Document Barcoded/RFID System

Finding a file among piles of records can be an arduous and time consuming exercise. The File Tracking system from QueryPoint can be implemented using your existing filing records management systems , with all components fully integrated with each other to ensure that the information is current at all times.

Track where your files are, who has your files, and when your files are due back. Checking out files allows you to assign responsibility to an lawyer or staff. Checking in files releases lawyer/staff responsibility and allows the files to be reallocated throughout your law firm. The system can perform easy audits to verify and eliminate inconsistencies. Our system can be run under barcoding systems or RFID systems.

Our solution helps a law firm in managing physical paper records including:

  • Track all your files and documents.
  • Check files in or out to customers and employees.
  • Assign due-date and due-time when checking out files.
  • Track files by office location, department, cabinet and drawer.
  • Move items by location, department, court/meeting schedules.
  • Combine files according to Client or Matter
  • File retention Policies and Implementation.
  • Tracking and Managing Archived boxes.
  • Managing Destruction of closed files after retention period.