Payroll is not just writing a cheque to your employees!

Payroll is a complicated process and involves many factors before a cheque is made out for the pay-period. Payroll is either done in-house or given to an external payroll service. QueryPoint services are tailored to law firms which need personalized service and don’t warrant the cost and time involved with outsourcing to an external service. We provide professional and confidential payroll services for our law firm clients. Our services have all the flexibility and control of running the payroll without the inconvenience of training staff, investing in software and using valuable resources of the law firm for running the firms payroll.

We can do just the payroll for your firm or provide comprehensive services for scheduling and time tracking, absentee management and month-end and year-end filings. QueryPoint provides a full range of online payroll processing services and our processes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Setting up New Staff and completion of TD1 forms.
  • Data delivery to us, by email or online, in any format.
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly Payroll, including benefits and bonuses.
  • Individual payslips for each member of the staff.
  • Payroll Journal entry for the inhouse accountant.
  • Source Deduction Calculations and remittance requests.
  • Vacation Pay calculations, and accruals.
  • ROEs for employees leeaving their employment.
  • Management and Calculations of Benefits, Medical and Dental Plans.
  • Tax Implications on Payroll for benefits.
  • Year-end T4s and annual filing for CRA requirements.
  • EHT filings.
  • Workmen’s Compensation reporting and exemptions, where applicable.
  • Year end accruals for payroll and jornal entries.

QueryPoint provides Scheduling and Time Tracking Software for an additional cost.

QueryPoint model of service delivery automates the transactional side of payroll processing. Eliminating duplication, manual efforts for fewer errors and more efficient processes and accurate payroll runs. You have access to your data in real-time, as well as payroll professionals specific to your account. If you’re looking for outsourced payroll services, please contact QueryPoint today.