Does it take a long time create the same legal documents? Is their consistency in the firm for document creation?

Lawyers have to repeatedly draft documents with considerable the same content. In the practice of law, the capability to automatically assemble documents can significantly impact profitability. Document assembly is a system designed to assemble documents automatically. Among law firms, consistency is a threshold requirement for document assembly and document automation systems and practices. Constant consistency includes zero error rates, perfect accuracy and exceptional appearance control. You can think of document assembly as templates that can be used over and over. This shortens the time for document preparation and increases the efficiency of your practice.

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Document assembly systems are systems designed to take variable or clause information from a user and generate completed or nearly completed legal documents. Variables are words, short phrases, data, or numbers that change from one document to another. We help you create your intelligent document templates and quickly assemble an unlimited number of documents.

We also have form tools that help you create constant-use forms. QueryPoint helps you create a fully automated library of legal forms. The forms are automated so all the client and matter related information is automatically populated.

Powerful templates

QueryPoint helps you create consistent and customizable templlates across the firm.

Customized Table of Contents

We can set up a customized table of contents with firm based styling, automatic creation and re-formatting

Customized Library

Our specialist create a library of clauses of frequently used paragraphs.