Are you routinely frustrated by lost data? You know it’s somewhere on the system! Always Searching for files?

Your documents are critical to the success of your firm. Legislation dictates that you need to protect your documents for varying durations of time. Paper document storage is an issue facing every law firm. Either you’re running out of space, or your current provider is proving costly, alternatively it might be increasingly difficult to retrieve documents swiftly.

QueryPoint are a specialist provider of Document Management Solutions(DMS) for law firms. We provide fully integrated end-to-end document management solutions. We offer an innovative and diverse range of cost and time saving solutions to law firms looking to make savings through process based improvements.

File Management and Retention

It is imperative as a lawyer and a law firm that all documents are maintained according to legislation and requirements of the Law Society and relevant legislative agencies.

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Our Services cover:

  • Document Management Consultancy Services.
  • Document Management Workflow design and implementation.
  • Document Management Software.
  • Document Management Digitization Services.

DMS Consultancy Services

QueryPoint has been providing electronic document management, scanning, storage and records management consulting services for law firms of all sizes.

Our consultancy service is designed not only to help ensure a successful implementation of an efficient and productive DMS system, but also establish an ongoing effective support structure. Our DMS specialists achieve this by ensuring that the system is implemented and configured to address both the law firms’ and the users’ requirements. We engage the user base and accumulate their requirements and document their business processes.

Once successfully implemented our DMS specialists remain an invaluable member of your team as well as continuing to established good working relationships with your users, and gaining a unique knowledge of your business processes.

Document Workflow

You can have the best technology on the market, but if the processes associated with it are broken, you’ll still be having problems with the efficiency of your law firm operations.

Query Point has extensive professional experience to help law firms, from small to large, to map out and optimize their various business workflow processes. We get ensure that all the processes integrate with each other, to ensure seamless integration and overall optimization.

The process of integrating workflows starts with a workshop where our team gets a thorough understanding of your needs and goals, then creates a detailed flowchart of your workflows. We are then able to develop and implement an integrated solution that manages those workflows in the most efficient and effective way.

DMS Software

Our Document Management Software automates task assignment, task routing, scheduling, follow-up, tracking, escalation, review, and approval for all document-based processes.

Query Point has been providing Document & Content Management solutions for years. Our clients rely on our scalable technologies to automate their businesses, improve productivity and efficiency and to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

Our software tracks, manages, stores, finds, shares and secures all types of documents within your company. Instead of using hard copy versions, just scan them or save them in our system, and let them easily flow to the right people. The system is compatible with a range of devices such as scanners and barcode scanners.

Our Document Management Software has the following features and can be customized:

  • Document Scanning & Capture.
  • Document OCR.
  • Email Management.
  • Powerful Search Capability.
  • Bar Coding and RFID Capability.
  • Microsoft Add Ins
  • Document Synchronisation over Devices.

Document Management Digitization

We provide complete and comprehensive range of digitization services including highly secure document storage and scanning facilities, to digital document retrieval and data.


The legal profession is heavily paper based putting it at risk of loss of or damage to critical and irreplaceable documents. By scanning legal documents and storing them electronically you can not only ensure the safety of the files but also give fast and easy access to information which may have taken some time to retrieve in paper format. Query Point offers a secure and confidential service from collection of the paperwork, throughout the scanning and indexing process and the final delivery of the scanned images.

Searchable PDF Scanning

QueryPoint now offers a full service to clients, taking original material, scanning it in the latest PDF format and then via an OCR engine converting the data to become searchable by any combination of terms or phrases.

Email Management

Email is a primary source of documentation for law firms and it has taken on an increasingly critical role in litigation and court cases.

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